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Your Journey to Better Feet and Legs Begins at Australia’s Foot & Leg Specialists Bassendean.

We provide a range of services that will help you recover from pain and enjoy a normal, happy life. We offer Foot Mobilisation, Orthotics & Ingrown Toenail Removal services Perth wide because we believe that every patient deserves easy access to it. To make sure that our solutions are available to those who need them, we’ve expanded our reach by establishing clinics in different locations in Perth, Australia.

Are you looking for a podiatrist in Bassendean, Perth? We have good news for you. Our office in Bassendean on Old Perth Road is now open to serve those who need the right treatment for their foot and ankle conditions. Our caring sports podiatrist will provide a personalised service to help you recover from injury and back in the running.

Expert Treatment for Sore Heels (Plantar Fasciitis)

Searching for Heel Pain relief in Perth? At Australia’s Foot & Leg Specialists our Perth Podiatrists treat all foot, ankle and knee pains big or small. Our modern Perth Podiatry clinics offer services from a team dedicated to successfully relieving your foot and leg pain. We offer an exclusive range of podiatry and foot surgery services for all ages. Using the latest technology allows our team to focus on excellent patient care and clear communication during each visit. Did you know your foot and ankle disorders may also be causing your knee, leg and back pain? We examine, diagnose and in some cases can refer for further investigations including x-rays, ultrasound or MRI of the lower limb.

Non-Surgical Bunion Correction

Do you suffer from a painful Bunion (Hallux Valgus)? These hard bumps at the side of your big toe joint can be treated without surgery. Dr Saint is one of a select few podiatrists who commonly uses foot mobilsation therapy to improve toe alignment in Perth WA. The non-surgical bunion correction techniques used by Dr Rino Saint allow a gradual improvement of a bunion. Non-surgical bunion correction is not for everyone – to assess if these techniques can be used on your bunion book an appointment. See our blog on non-surgical bunion correction.

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