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Your ability to walk, run and perform sporting feats gracefully rely on the optimum function and movement of the your feet and legs.  Our sports podiatrist Perth knows your feet contain 33 joints that can either be placed in a strong or weak mechanical position depending of the posture of your feet as you move. The foundation your feet provide to the rest of your leg can mean the difference between winning or losing, running faster over a longer distance or having to replace your knee and hip joints by 50.

Sports Podiatrists Help You Run Faster, Move Stronger and Train Safer

Sports Podiatrist Perth - Sports Podiatry PerthSports podiatry is about removing inefficient and potentially damaging movement patterns from the feet and legs. Our Perth sports podiatrist can help you conserve energy and perform at your peak. Ensuring your feet are in a strong mechanical position to power you past the competition or get into running for the first time.

It makes sense that when you move more efficiently you also minimise your risk of injuring muscles, ligaments, and joints. Because your muscles don’t need to work as hard they’re less likely to strain. Ligaments don’t need to stretch as far and potentially tear as muscles are no longer straining. Joints aren’t being held so tightly by strained muscles leading to less friction and more pain-free movement during sport.

Our Sports Podiatrist Perth offer Sports Podiatry in Perth

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a professional athlete or just Perth Sports Podiatrist Treating Injured Athletekeeping fit our sports podiatrist Perth can help you stay in top form or help you recover from injuries along the way. Playing or performing to your maximum and recovering from injury requires professional advice. At Australia’s Foot & Leg Specialists you can see one of our sports podiatrists to assess your movement today. If your hips, knees, shins, ankles, heels, arches or forefoot is painful you could benefit from being seen by our sports podiatrist in perth who commonly provides effective sports podiatry treatment.

Although sports podiatry primarily targets poor foot biomechanics, it may also treat associated pain in the ankles, knees, hips and the lower back. Some conditions where this treatment may be successful are chronic knee pain, shin splints, aching arches, painful forefoot, and plantar heel pain.

Our Approach to Sports Podiatry

One of our sport podiatrists will first take a full history of your problem and ask you various health-related questions. We may also examine the areas of the feet/legs, check the alignment and observe the way the foot moves — including what happens when you stand and walk. This way, we will know the best way to approach the pain and the direction of the treatment.

If you feel pain, have trouble performing during sport or suffer from chronic shin splints, sports podiatry from Australia’s Foot and Leg Specialists Sports Podiatrist Perth could be right for you. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

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